SpecPlus! Automation Consultants provides complete turn-key services for Industrial Automation and Control, Systems Integration, process controls, automated systems, factory information systems, engineering services, programming, control panel fabrication, monitoring systems and emergency service. These services are offered as a bundled package for turn-key projects, or offered a-la-carte depending on your specific needs.

Engineering and Service Offerings:
Consulting, Needs Assessment, Surveys, Specifications Detailed Design, Drawings, Bill of Materials
Technology Evaluation, Recommendation Test/Validation, Factory Acceptance Testing
Project Management Conceptual Design
Cad Services Software & Ladder Logic Development, Configuration, Programming
24-Hour Emergency Service
Design Review Procurement
Fabrication/Assembly Budgeting, Proposal Development
Installation Services Startup, Run-Off, Debug
Warranty Support Remote Monitoring
Service Contracts
Service Delivery Options:
Complete, turn-key fixed price projects Warranty, Support, and Emergency Service Contracts
Hourly, Time and Materials On-Site Service Contracts
Blanket Engineering Services Contracts Time and Materials, not-to-exceed